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Review Wowven most featherly mint ringsling

Wowven most featherly mint ringsling

ringsling made out of 100% combed cotton.
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"Wowven most featherly mint ringsling " 

Most certainly, this is the pattern where everything started, the very first testers in 2014 were woven into this pattern, and now they are finally to my satisfaction and perfect! This geometric feather pattern looks great when you see the ringsling lying around, but just wait until you've tied it up. The lines of your bodies, the bulging of a child's back, all together make this pattern interesting and playful. This time executed in a beautiful mint green color, based on a super soft ecru base. With an average weight of 230 g/m2 this is the ultimate summer ringsling. 

Let your imagination run free, and cuddle your child and yourself in this supple and soft ring sling. Made from the very best, strongest and finest combed cotton yarn. Combed cotton means that the cotton fibers are combed, which sounds complicated and technical, and it is, but I can assure you that this cotton ring sling feels like no other ring sling.

As soon as you open the box and see the bag made of baby sling fabric, you'll be amazed. You take the bag, which by the way is made of the same material as the ring sling, and open it. You grab the ring sling to get it out of the bag, and you'll think... wow... this is it. I understand what they're talking about, this ring sling already soft and supple. There's no need to break it in, you can get straight to work with it. Whether you want to wear a newborn child or a big toddler. You will be amazed by the tightening ease and suppleness of this ring sling. 


Quote of the wrap. 

"It's clear, it's fresh, like a mint candy."
- Margaret Atwood

Every sling Wowven makes, we give a quote. Quotations of random people from the present or past. Self-written or inspiring quotes, comforting quotes, motivating quotes, or simply because they are so powerful and beautiful. Each quote is personally selected or written by Maaike and reflects her feelings or fits perfectly with the sling in question. 


About the ring sling of Wowven. 

All Wowven's ringsling are about 2 meters long, on one side there are 2 rings stitched together, so they can't come off. With a ring sling you wear on your hips, so a-symmetrical. You put the fabric through the rings, and hit it back once through one ring. The 2 rings work like a 'lock', so you can tighten the fabric. It is important that a ring sling slides easily through the rings, but is not too slippery. The Wowven ring sling are all easy to use and to tighten through the rings. A ring sling is especially easy for smaller pieces or short moments of wearing, perfect for a fast schoolrun, quickly from the car or bike to the store, etc. You can wear a newborn child in a ring sling, but don't forget a toddler with tired legs. Very versatile it is, a ring sling! 

Material 100% combed cotton
Color weft mint
Color warp White
+- g/m2 230 g/m2