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Review Wowven I see you black/red, limited edition.

Wowven I see you black/red, limited edition.

Limited edition
woven wrap made out of 100% combed cotton.
Ordered before 16:00 cet = shipped today.

"I see you" 

A woven wrap made in limited numbers, in a stunning combination of red and black combed cotton yarn. This woven wrap has an amazing shimmer and a deeply saturated color. 
the symmetrical pattern, all-over this wrap in which everyone sees something different.
Do you see any bows? Or do you see eyes? Or maybe something completely different? 

Let your imagination run free, and cuddle your child and yourself in this supple and soft sling. Made from the very best, strongest and finest combed cotton yarn. Combed cotton means that the cotton fibers are combed, which sounds complicated and technical, and it is, but I can assure you that this cotton sling feels like no other wrap and the combed cotton gives it a strong and vibrant feeling.

As soon as you open the box and see the bag made of sling fabric, you'll be amazed. You take out the bag, which by the way is made of the same fabric as the sling, and open it. You grab the wrap to take it out of the bag, and you'll think... wow... this is it. I understand what they're talking about, this wrap is already soft and supple. It's absolutely not necessary to carry it in, you can work with it right away. Whether you want to carry a newborn child or a big toddler. You will be amazed by the ease of knotting and flexibility of this sling. 


Quote of the wrap. 

“I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shining on its cradle.” —Vincent Van Gogh

Every wrap Wowven creates, we give a quote. Quotations of random people from the present or past. Self-written or inspiring quotes, comforting quotes, motivating quotes, or simply because they are so powerful and beautiful. Each quote is personally selected or written by Maaike and reflects her feelings or fits perfectly with the wrap in question. 


What size woven wrap do I need?

In the world of woven wraps it is sometimes difficult to find out how it works with the measurements. Luckily we can help you with that, below you will find a guideline to help you find your basic carrier size. Of course, you can always ask us for help, please send us a message via our Facebook page or Instagram, or e-mail us your question to [email protected]

With the basic size woven sling you can make the most obvious knotting method. Almost everyone starts with the FWCC, front wrap cross carry. You carry a child on your belly with the face facing you. This way of knotting is the basis and actually, there is no one who does not use this way of wrapping. It is the finest babywearing method for a newborn child, and you will enjoy all the benefits of babywearing to the fullest. Once you've mastered this wrapping method, and it really isn't as complicated as it looks, believe it from us, you can, of course, use the same size woven wrap to make lots of other wrapping variations. So you can also use the basic size sling on your hip and also on your back as soon as you are ready for the next step in your babywearing path.

You can say that it's better to have a sling that's a bit too long than one that's too short, so if you're in doubt between 2 sizes, choose the larger one. 

T-shirt size of the user size woven wrap
eu 36 or smaller 5
eu 38 till 42 6
eu 44 and bigger






About Wowven. 

Wowven is a brand that has existed since 2014 but has quietly been developing since then. Maaike, from Von Va Voom (the sling shop you probably already know), is behind Wowven. Years of experience and research have taken place, never was Maaike completely satisfied, a handful of weaving mills have been tried, dozens of types of yarn, combinations of threads per cm, the smallest technical details have been worked out into literally the smallest particle. Trendy and rebellious patterns have been developed, with blood sweat and tears we have worked for years to develop the ultimate sling. And you can see, feel and notice that in everything as soon as you have a Wowven sling in your hands. All with the ultimate goal of being able to carry parents/carers and their most beautiful miracles. Because that Maaike's mission is to get everyone to wear, is clear after all that Von Va Voom has done in recent years. 100% convinced of all the physical and mental benefits of wearing it, Maaike has gone to work, and this conviction has been continued in the search for the ultimate sling. Wowven is born. This is it. Wowven. The prettiest thing you can wear is your baby. 

Material 100% combed cotton
Color weft Red
Color warp Black
+- g/m2 240 g/m2